Our Mission!

We have three core values: Gospel. Community. Mission. The foundation of Center Church is the Gospel, specifically Jesus’ death and resurrection. Our point of emphasis is not what we do, but rather Jesus and what he has done. 

The gospel affects change. It creates Community (i.e. the church) and it compels Mission. The gospel creates a family. We care for our brothers and sisters. We encourage and challenge each other in the gospel. We suffer and rejoice with each other. We embody the gospel to one another. Community speaks to the inward focus of our church.

But as followers of Jesus, we must always wrestle with the tension between an internal vs. external focus. Mission is our outward focus. We embody the gospel with our neighbors, co-workers, families, friends, and (hopefully) even our enemies by sharing meals, inviting them into our lives, giving of ourselves and our resources, all with the aim to share the good news of Jesus. We want to build bridges with people to help them understand what they’re chasing after finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus.

Gospel. Community. Mission. This is what Center Church is all about. Our hope is to be a gospel-

centered presence, as we seek to bring a blend of robust theology and cultural relevance in our context. 

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